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Partner to enhance the viewing experience with a brand new technology experience at Akron Civic Theatre

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In 2021, Visua was tasked with upgrading the interior and exterior of Akron Civic Theatre. To do this, Visua needed to install several different cameras that would display real-time footage to a videoboard mounted outside the building. This install took a lot of strategic planning as well as some outside assistance, but in the end Visua was able to deliver exactly what was envisioned for the Akron Civic Theatre.


The vintage structure of the theatre has thick brick walls, which creates a unique experience for viewers, but challenges for A/V Integration firms. The brick walls meant that camera cables could not be run through the walls as they often are, meaning that Visua would have to use outside-the-box thinking to route cameras in tricky locations. The brick walls also posed challenges for the video board installation, as Visua needed to collaborate with on-site engineers to determine the best way to mount the display while preserving the infrastructure.


Visua knew they were going to have to find unique pathways to power the cameras in the theatre. To install the majority of cameras, Visua routed the cables in several different directions since they couldn’t go through the walls of the building. The different directions also occasionally meant going outside the building it was in. Visua also looked to the cables themselves to simplify the installation process, utilizing NDI technology to consolidate all of the necessary cables into a single cable routed to the camera. Visua was able to successfully preserve the vintage infrastructure of the building to install the videobaord, thanks to their collaboration with the on-site engineers.


Even with challenges thrown their way, Visua successfully completed all elements of the installation. Visua went above and beyond, going out of their way to route cables so that the client could have the cameras in their desired locations, rather than requiring an adjustment to the camera location. The same concept applied to the installation of the video board, as Visua chose to work with on-site engineers to mount it to the vintage exterior of the building, rather than changing the preferred location. By going out of their way to meet the needs of the client, the project proved to be another successful demonstration of both Visua’s abilities as an A/V integrator, and their commitment to client service.

  • NewTek Tricaster
  • VisuaLED Outdoor 3-in-1 10mm videoboard, 17.9’ x 31.5’
  • In/Out Junction box
  • 4 Remote Connectivity Bundles
  • 3 Sony PTZ Camera Bundles
  • 3 Exterior BirdDog Cameras
  • 4 Interior BirdDog Cameras
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