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Video Production Equipment

Visua provides and installs all audio/video equipment for live production rooms. From video switchers to instant replay - anything A/V Visua can provide! Our experts know what it takes to take a room to the next level from their 30+ years in the industry.

Visua Video Production Equipment
Visua Video Production Equipment
Visua Video Production Equipment
Visua Video Production Equipment
Visua Video Production Equipment


Visua Production Room Design
Room Design

No two productions are the same, and no two rooms are the same.  Each and every job we do is customized to the client and the facility.

Visua Equipment Integration
Equipment Integration

As an integration company, Visua oversees all aspects of the project to ensure your new system communicates and functions properly based on your needs and desires.  Our team of A/V integrators will always go above and beyond to find you the ultimate solution.

Visua Training

When training a client we focus on "how to operate" and "how to monetize" a new system.  With any investment you want to make sure you are getting your moneys worth.  We focus our training on how to make that happen.

Visua Maintenance

Visua offers comprehensive maintenance plans to ensure your system operates throughout the duration of its lifespan.  

What we offer & Brands We TRUST

Video Control Software

Live Video Switchers

Pan-Tilt-Zoom Cameras

Wireless Cameras

Instant Replay

Intercomm Systems



Other Products & Services

Preventative Maintenance Plans
Equipment Racks
Facility Cabling
Speed Pitch
DVD/Blue-Ray Player and Recorder
Production Workstations
ScriptPRO Event Scripting Software
And any other production components


The following are some of the projects that our experienced team has been a part of over their careers.

Hagerstown Flying Boxcars
Long Island Ducks
Dunedin Blue Jays
Akron Civic Theatre
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