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Visua's expert staff has been leading LED projects for the better part of the last three decades.  We have built numerous strong relationships with key manufacturers to ensure the products we provide are always at a level of great quality.  We differentiate ourselves with our focus on not just providing an LED display, but also being a single-source provider of all the audio and video equipment to support that display.  Visua is your true solutions provider when it comes to selecting your next LED display!

Visua Team Project - Strong
Visua Team Project - Fifth Third Ballpark
Visua LED Project
Visua team project - Montgomery


Visua Quality Design

We are all artists at heart and believe a great display stems from a detailed and well thought out design. From our standard LED Marquees to the intricate custom-shaped large format LED's, each project will always have a high quality design from the Visua team.

Visua Reliable Product

Through our relationships and history we have with each supplier, we can ensure you will receive the highest quality manufactured display for your budget.  It's our reputation and your satisfaction on the line!

Visua Long-Standing Respect

Five-star service is what we have and will always strive for in every project.  From the start of the project to long after completion, we will do what it takes to make sure you are thrilled with the service we provide. 

Visua Turnkey Solution
COmpletely turnkey

We pride ourselves on providing a one-stop shop for our clients.  Our turnkey audio and video production integration is unmatched in the marketplace.  We can truly be your single source for all audio/video and display needs.

LED 101

The following are key points to determining how to get the best board for your money:

Total Number of Pixels = Image Quality

The total number of pixels will help you determine the overall quality of your image.  To calculate:

  1. Understand the “Pixel Pitch”:  Millimeter measurement from center to center of pixel.  The lower the number the higher the image sharpness and the closer one can get to the screen before the image “pixelizes.”  Ex: 4mm, 6mm, 10mm, etc.
  2. Count height (column) and width (row) in PIXELS
  3. Resolution is determined by multiplying height of pixels x width of pixels
  4. Total number of pixels is H x W = T (100 x 100 = 10,000 pixels).  Ex: 1524 x 762 - 1,161,288 Pixels

Note: High Definition requires a minimum resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels (921,600 total pixels)

Total Number of Lamps = Value

The total number of lamps is determined by multiplying total number of pixels x lamps per pixel.  Always verify with the manufacturer how many ACTUAL lamps you are purchasing.  This is the critical identifier that you are getting the most for your money.

3 Lamps per Pixel
4 Lamps per Pixel
SMD 3-in-1
3 Lamps per Pixel
3 Lamps per Pixel

Brand of Lamp = Lifespan and Color Quality

The brand of lamp provides confidence you are getting a good product for color and long life.  The following are popular brands at each tier.

High Grade
Middle Grade
Low Grade

There are many low
grade LED Lamp

Note: Initially, a low-grade LED may appear brighter if the lamp is over driven with higher current.  However, the higher the current causes the LED to burn up more quickly to significantly shorten the life of the lamp.

Additional Details to Consider

  • Refresh Rate: Number of times the display is refreshed per second.  LED Display range varies between 240 to 4000.
  • Brightness: LED display light output is measured in NITS.  A NIT is a standard measurement of light output. The LED display NITS must exceed the environmental NITS for the display to be seen.
  • HDTV = 500-700 nits, Indoor LED Display = 1,500 nits, Cloudy Day Sunlight = 3,000 nits, Blue Sky Sunlight = 5,000 nits, Outdoor LED Display = 6,000 nits
  • Video Frame Rate: Number of times the image is “projected” per second
  • Viewing Angle:

VISUA PROMISE:  We will always provide a board to fit your needs and educate you with the highest integrity.



Our LED products are specifically selected and manufactured on a project by project basis to ensure our clients receive the highest quality display.  

Outdoor LED Displays

Large Format
Visua Large Format LED
Visua Ribbon LED

Indoor LED Displays

Large Format
Visua Indoor Large Format LED
Visua Indoor Ribbon LED

Other FEATURED Products

Curved LED
Visua Financial LED
Visua Marquee LED
Visua Billboard LED
Conference Room
Visua Message Tickers

We will always do
our best to design
a board to fit your
needs and your vision.

Customize Your Board


The following are some of the projects that our experienced team has been a part of over their careers.

Long Island Ducks
Akron Civic Theatre
Idaho Central Arena
Fresno Grizzlies
Hertz Arena
New Hampshire Fisher Cats
Lincoln Memorial University
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