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Partner to enhance the fan experience with a major audio upgrade at Clipper Magazine Stadium

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Shortly before the beginning of the 2023 season the Visua crew began an install job at Clipper Magazine Stadium in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. New speakers and a new sound system were installed, which left the park with an entirely new feel for spectators and fans.


Supply chain issues proved to be the biggest challenge to overcome during this install project. Many of the necessary speakers and amplifiers that were needed for this stadium were on backorder or low in stock. In order to follow the time constraint and put forth the best product for the stadium, a few upgrades needed to be made and equipment orders needed to be adjusted.


When installing this sound system Visua needed to strategically place all the speakers in order to ensure the best sound distribution in all areas of the ballpark. Several of the speakers were installed up higher on poles to guarantee sound could reach all required areas. Visua also installed their digital mixer in the control room to allow for complete zoning control of all the speakers. Another element of this install included a pitch clock that met league requirements for their upcoming season. Various other rooms and areas of the ballpark were also worked on by Visua to improve the fan experience and exposure at all times.


Visua was trusted to handle all aspects of this install. As a team, they worked diligently to get these upgrades integrated into the Barnstormer’s current system in a timely and effective manner. The install took less than 30 days from start to finish and was fully operational by opening day.

  • 132 JBL Speakers
  • 8 Pole Speakers
  • Pitch Clock
  • Visua’s Digital Mixer - Sound Director

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