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December 13, 2016

Any kind of event takes hours of planning, very detailed execution, and requires numerous post-event obligations.  Back in the day these aspects which include the building of scripts, rundowns, and schedules were built manually in programs such as Microsoft Word & Excel (go way back and it was all hand written and organized on index cards).  This process was found to be incredibly inefficient with countless hours wasted on the build of these scripts with no effective way of staff communication during the event itself, or even reporting fulfillment afterwards.  There was a blatant need in the live event production marketplace.

Almost 10 years ago TSE’s founder Bob Masewicz realized this need while working in minor league baseball.  Upon this vision, ScriptPRO was born.  The very first system of its kind to streamline the event management process from start to finish, ScriptPRO is truly a revolutionary system in that it has changed the way that folks in the industry approach event management.  Since its inception, ScriptPRO has taken the industry by storm. The system is currently being used by over 300 organizations around the world on all levels, and has executed over 60,000 events to date.  ScriptPRO has widely been used in the sports industry but has also been utilized for many other applications.  A TSE employee even used the system for his wedding ceremony!

Over the past decade the long-time TSE staffers have been working diligently with clients to put together a solution that has been built primarily based on user feedback.  TSE’s focus is to continuously build a system by the live event production industry, for the industry.  Over time the functionalities of the system have been growing based on user requests and needs.  With the benefit of having most of the staff as former operators in the industry, TSE truly knows what goes into a live event on an organizational level from top to bottom.

As ScriptPRO is an internet based solution, it has completely changed the game with the ability to allow for a collaborative workflow between everyone involved in the build and execution of scripts.  A user study taken in 2015 found that ScriptPRO users spend a third of the time building scripts than they had using previous methods.  These countless hours saved throughout the course of a year are then able to be spent bettering the organization in alternative ways.  Aside from the preparation, ScriptPRO has also revolutionized how scripts are executed during events with the incredibly popular Go Live functionality.  This feature allows users to pull up scripts from any internet capable device whether it is laptops, computers or other smart devices.  In addition to fueling the “go green” initiative and saving endless amounts of paper, the Go Live functionality also allows for multiple benefits relating to staff communication and sponsorship fulfillment.  Real time changes during an event that the entire staff will see first-hand was not something that was possible prior to ScriptPRO.  Along with this, sponsored elements are able to be tracked to the second, and reported on post-event.  This type of sponsorship fulfillment has been found to increase sponsor loyalty.  As time progresses and sponsorships continue to play more of a roll in the “show,” ScriptPRO has also added tremendous value to sales departments.

As long as there have been live events, there has always been a need to streamline the event management process.  ScriptPRO is the first system that actually helped the industry realize that need.  As the best event management system in the marketplace, ScriptPRO will only continue to grow with its users and provide a means for folks in the live production industry to thrive.

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