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Installation Tip: Surveying Layout & Landscape
November 14, 2017

Surveying Layout & Landscape


Before installing an LED Video Display, it is necessary to assess and understand both the layout of the building/structure and the landscaping of where the display will be installed. Work with the customer to learn the layout of the building to determine the size and length of cables necessary for communication. This allows the installer to setup a proper distance of the sign to the point of communication (sender box & computer).  

Communication under 300 feet:

If using network communication cable the maximum distance is 300 feet.  

Communication over 300 feet:

When the distance is greater than 300 feet, Fiber Optic Cable will need to be used. 

Wireless Communication:

Even if the system is wireless you will need to determine where the antennas can be installed to communicate properly with the Video Display. Keep in mind the strength of signal and the distance from end point to end point. If the wireless signal is going through buildings then you may need wireless repeaters.

Follow these guidelines and you will be well prepared for your next LED install.

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