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Virtual Scoreboard: Advantages & Disadvantages
November 16, 2017

Virtual Scoreboard: Advantages & Disadvantages


Instead of installing a standard static digital scoreboard, many organizations are implementing full-color LED video and virtual scoreboards. By going this direction, there are advantages and disadvantages in these key areas:


Virtual scoreboards have a higher initial cost than a static scoreboard. Static scoreboards have a fraction of the LED's that virtual scoreboards do, which is where the majority of the costs are. Virtual scoreboards can cost around 250% higher. However, in the long run, virtual scoreboards have the advantage of generating more revenue with advertisements. With more advertisement inventory available, there is the potential to recoup the cost of a virtual scoreboard as soon as one year.

Winner: Tie


With static scoreboards, you are are limited to the content of that sport and the initial design. With virtual scoreboards you have the ability to be more flexible with the content. You can do multi-sport setups, change the colors and layout on the fly, generate advertisements, announcements, be used to show video, and even show non-sport activities such as a graduation or assembly.

Winner: Virtual Scoreboard


In general, the control software for a virtual scoreboard is more complicated than the static scoreboard due to all the added features that it can do. There are also many different levels and options that can be implemented. Some are as simple as point and click, while others allow you to do much more like transitions and overlays. A static scoreboard usually has a box with simple labeled buttons that you can press to change the score/time/stats. If implementing a Virtual Scoreboard the operator would need to be fully trained on how to use. Static scoreboard operation can be learned by basically anyone in a few minutes.

Winner: Static Scoreboard


Like most things, the direction you go will be determined by your initial budget and how you are going to operate. Visua can provide a variety of pricing and design options on both. For more information call us at 800-962-2471 or fill out our new pricing form.

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