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5 Things Your Fans Want  You To Have
May 17, 2016

1.  Menu  Board Digital Signage

Fans go to a game for the experience, and part of that experience is the food. Seeing all of their options come to life on a digital menu board makes the food enticing and gets the mouth watering.

2.  Wireless Fan Cam with Zero Delay

Many fans, especially kids, come to your arena in hopes of making it on the video board. When they see a camera it draws them in and engages them.  One of the most uncomfortable things is when the feed on the display is not even close to being synced with the camera.  All it takes is a much better configuration to achieve Zero Delay.  Also, be sure to come up with fun interactive experiences for your fans utilizing your cameras.

3.  Smart Audio

Doesn't get much worse for a fan than not being able to understand your sound system. Whether it is too loud, too quiet or muffled nobody wants to feel left out.  Smart audio zoning allows you to strategically manage the sound levels in different parts of your venue.  This creates an outstanding experience for the fan no matter where they are.

4.  Ribbon Boards

Crowd prompts are important for any production.  Nothing gets fans more pumped up at a game than a crowd prompt on the ribbon board. GOOOAAALLLLLL!   

5.  On Ice Projections

 Fans love arenas that invest in  added technology. On ice projections really take the arena to the next level.
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