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Five Scoreboard Terms You Should Know
December 7, 2017

Five Scoreboard Terms You Should Know

Wireless Control

A wireless sport controller allows the scoreboard operator to communicate and update the score without any connection to power or data cables.  The radio communication is done with either a 900Mhz or 2.4Ghz Spread Spectrum Radio Transmitter and Receiver.  The power for the controller is provided by an internal rechargeable battery system.


Multi-Sport Scoreboards are growing in popularity because many locations use the facility for more than one event.  Example:  A high school stadium could host football, soccer, track and even other events.  The ability to purchase a product that will allow scoring, time and other stats for all of those sports makes it a valuable tool.

ETN (Electronic Team Names)

ETN (Electronic Team Names) is a scoreboard update for the HOME & GUEST captions of the scoreboard.  Instead of permanent vinyl captions, they are replaced with small electronic message centers for active/real-time custom captions.

Stats Software

Stats Software is becoming popular because more and more customers are logging their stats electronically, and even live streaming events via smartphone apps, or sponsored website platforms.  3rd party stats programs take the game information from the sport controller and save it to the computer’s hard drive or even in the cloud.

EOP(End-of-Period Indicator)

EOP (End-of-Period Indicators) have been mandatory in professional and now collegiate sports for years.  In the past few years, some states are making them required for high school sports.  This device illuminates, or lights up when the timer on the scoreboard gets to zeros.  They can be backboard edge mounted or a light on top of the backboard.

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