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Secure Funds for an LED Marquee
June 21, 2016

A wise investment indeed, but overcoming the initial cost of purchase and installation can be intimidating if the school district does not have the funds available. 

Dependent on your local codes, as many cities do not allow for advertising on signs that are not located at the place of business, sponsorships are a preferred method of obtaining the dollars to purchase a display unit. Many schools, with the assistance of the PTA or Booster Clubs, have generated the funds thru banks, auto dealerships, and other local businesses to assist in purchasing the units.

The benefits of having an advertisement seen during the school drop off hours by parents provides a good return on their investment, as well as generating the good will of the parents, students and faculty who also use the display to promote the school events, athletic schedule, weather and other important information. 

In cases where off premise ads are not allowed, normal fundraisers, along with direct contact with school vendors, ie, soft drink suppliers,  have been very active in sponsorship and donations as well. Contacting these types of businesses, along with fundraising, and parent participation, generally will provide the needed funds within a period of 1-3 months. 

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